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eating nut free in portugal, restaurant overlooking douro river in Portugal.

How To Eat Nut Free in Portugal At Every Meal | Navigating a Nut Allergy in Portuguese

Are you planning a trip to Portugal with nut allergies? While navigating a nut allergy in Portuguese can be stressful, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the beautiful sights and tastes of the country. As a source of delicious wine and stunning cork, there is so much to explore, from Lisbon to […]

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a image of a table at restaurant in italy with a yellow table cloths eating shellfish free in italy

How to Eat Shellfish Free in Italy | Fish Free in Italy

Is Italy on your bucket list of places to travel? It is such a beautiful destination with so many amazing sights to see and delicious flavors to immerse yourself in. However, for those with a fish or shellfish allergy, it can be a daunting experience, especially with the strong presence of fresh fish in coastal […]

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homes in italy

How to Plan a Soy Free Italy Trip | What To Eat At Every Meal

Have you been dreaming of an Italian vacation, but wondering if it’s possible to plan a soy free Italy trip? Good news – it definitely can be! With the right planning and awareness, you can savor the flavors of Italy while steering clear of soy. Read on to learn how to travel soy free in […]

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resort in italy overlooking water

Your Guide To Eating Dairy Free in Italy At Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Is Italy on your travel bucket list, but you’ve been hesitant due to your dairy allergy? This can seem daunting in the land of cheesy pizza and pasta, but with the right knowledge, preparation, and planning, you can enjoy a memorable Italian trip with confidence. In this guide, you’ll learn how to eat dairy free […]

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Eating with egg allergy in italy, enjoying an egg free pizza at cafe.

How Do You Eat With An Egg Allergy in Italy?

Italy is a food lover’s dream, but for those with an egg allergy, navigating meals can be both challenging and stressful. Are you curious how to eat with an egg allergy in Italy while still enjoying the authentic tastes and cuisine? Whether you’re traveling to Rome, Florence, Venice, or anywhere in between, consider this your […]

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Image of street in Portugal with white buildings and yellow and blue trim on sunny day while traveling gluten free in portugal.

Your Guide Gluten Free in Portugal

Portugal is such a beautiful destination with so many historic cities and towns to explore. Whether you’re exploring the hilly streets and stunning buildings in Lisbon or enjoying the wine port of Porto, there’s no lack of adventure or sights to see in this European country. However, you may wonder, is Portugal gluten free friendly? […]

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traveling by trains vs. planes in europe with allergies

Travel Plane vs. Train in Europe With Food Allergies

When traveling through Europe, there are various options for transportation, such as train rides through beautiful landscapes and quick plane rides between iconic cities. However, you may wonder if you should travel plane vs. train in Europe with food allergies. This decision can be overwhelming, especially with the considerations you must take into account beyond […]

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Lauren at cafe table enjoying waffles that are nut free in italy.

How To Eat Nut Free in Italy | Your Guide to Navigating Every Meal

Can you go to Italy with a nut allergy? If you are looking to travel the world with a nut allergy, whether peanuts or tree nuts, Italy is a great first country to explore. Even though there is a language barrier, Italians are more aware of allergens and take precautions. In this blog post, we’ll […]

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eating gelato overlooking canal in italy while traveling gluten free italy.

Ultimate Gluten Free Italy Guide | How To Eat Gluten Free In Italy At Every Meal

Italy is one of my favorite countries to travel to for many reasons. Not only is it beautiful in its sights and scenery, and rich in culinary delights, but it is also a great country for many allergies. For those with Celiac disease or who are eating gluten free for other reasons, you might think […]

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Your Go-To Germany Country Guide With Food Allergies

Germany is known for its vibrant cities, medieval towns, and adventurous river cruises with plentiful sights to see at each stop. You can’t forget the rich cultural festivities and traditions, such as Oktoberfest and Christmas Markets, which draw in crowds and travelers every year. If you are traveling to Germany with food allergies, it can […]

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