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cooking class in europe ingredients

European Cooking Class with Food Allergies

Traveling to Europe with food allergies doesn’t mean you don’t have a bucket list of things you want to see and do. When you jump that first hurdle of picking a destination and then an accommodation – which if you need help deciding between an accommodation with or without a kitchen, read my other blog […]

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activities with food allergies

A Guide to Booking Activities with Food Allergies

You’ve picked your destination, flights, and accommodations for your food allergy vacation and now getting to the fun part of booking activities. Or maybe you are doing research to see if booking a vacation with food allergies is possible. Either route, let’s dive into how to look at booking activities with food allergies and things […]

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Lauren Scheffer Travel Agent for Families with Food Allergies sitting on leather sofa in Travel Accommodations With Food Allergies.

How to Choose Travel Accommodations With Food Allergies

When planning a trip, one of the biggest aspects to consider is where to stay when you have food allergies. There are a variety of options these days, including hotels and Airbnbs of every kind. Read on to learn how to choose travel accommodations with food allergies so you can feel safe and confident during […]

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View of Reykjavik in Iceland

Traveling to Iceland with Food Allergies

Iceland is a beautiful location with breathtaking sites such as Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon, Black Sand Beach, Golden Circle, South Shore, and more. While you may be a little hesitant to travel to Iceland with food allergies, you’ll be happy to learn that they have come a long way when it comes to providing safer options […]

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traveling with food allergies

7 Things I Pack When Traveling With Food Allergies

When I was in college, I was first diagnosed with a gluten allergy. Now, I have around 50 allergies in total. As an avid traveler, I never wanted my food allergies to deter me from visiting new places and experiencing all that this world has to offer. I know firsthand how stressful and overwhelming it […]

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Food Allergy Travel Agent

What is a Food Allergy Travel Agent?

You are thinking of planning your upcoming trip but are not sure how to navigate it with food allergies. Or maybe you are thinking for the future but have no idea where you would start. And now you have found yourself looking into a food allergy travel agent and what does that even look like […]

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food allergy chef card

What is a Food Allergy Chef Card and How to Use it When Traveling with Food Allergies

The top recommendation I make to my clients when it comes to traveling with food allergies is getting a food allergy chef card. And I often get the question of what is a chef card and where should I get one from?   What is a Food Allergy Chef Card? This is a card normally […]

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Eating at restaurant in Italy with Food Allergies

Traveling to Italy With Food Allergies

Italy is an amazing travel destination filled with coastal views, beautiful cities, and diverse regions. No matter where you’re traveling in this European country, you are sure to experience breathtaking scenery and delicious Italian food.  If you’re traveling to Italy with food allergies, it is, of course, crucial to do your research to ensure you […]

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Cruising Disney Cruise with Food Allergies

Going on a Disney Cruise with food allergies is an amazing experience for any food allergy family, here is why I recommend it!

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Fileria Suites Santorini, Greece with Food Allergies

Staying at Fileria Suites was a breeze with my food allergies. Not to mention the made fresh lifestyle made it easy to make modifications.

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