Hey there - I'm Lauren, aka the travel agent for families with Food Allergies

Helping families manage their allergies with a passion for travel!

hey there - i'm lauren!

Helping families manage their allergies while also traveling is my passion!

Planning a trip is hard planning a trip with food allergies is even harder.

I know because I've been there. In the beginning of being diagnosed, I was in college trying to figure out how to live this new food allergy life on a college student budget. Then when I started traveling for work, I was met with so many roadblocks. Finally, enough was enough I did extensive planning and preparation for each meal of my trip. Hours of research to ensure my trip would be successful, so I completely understand what it takes for a food allergy vacation, and I am here to help you with yours. 


in case we haven't met, I'm Lauren!

when i'm not planing trips, you can find me...


Trying a New Restaurant

With numerous food allergies and MCAS, I still love trying to find new restaurants/coffee shops to try with my husband on the weekends. 


Catching up on R+R

Relaxing nights with my two dogs and husband watching TV is a fan favorite after a week of work.


Traveling the World

I first knew I wanted to travel internationally when I rode Soarin’ as a child at Walt Disney World. It showed me there was so much to see of the world.

what Marina had to say...

"She helped us plan our dream trip to Ireland and Italy and couldn’t be more thankful!"

Lauren was incredibly helpful in the planning process, arranging our hotels, flights, transportation, as well as tours/tickets for the things we wanted to do most. We’re a “see everything” type of traveler and Lauren did not disappoint! Plus we had a super detailed itinerary so we knew what to expect and when. We also had her do restaurant research (I have celiac disease), and she had SUCH great recommendations for restaurants, even making reservations when we could, as well as grocery stores. Lauren did great explaining her processes and I felt very comfortable eating out on the trip and restaurant staff were so knowledgeable.

Honestly just so thankful we found Lauren and she was able to help us plan our dream trip!!


somebody just pinch me becuase

Helping families ditch the stress of traveling with allergies is truly my dream come true...

I get so much joy that I get to help families have these amazing vacations where your sole focus is to make those family memories. While I am there to guide you and plan all with the thought around food allergies - yours specifically! 

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