Don't let food allergies hold you back

Helping Food Allergy Families plan their next adventure!

Don't let food allergies hold you back

Helping Food Allergy Families plan their next adventure!

Your sole focus is to make those family memories while I take care of planning the details!

I get so much joy that I get to help families have these amazing vacations, where your sole focus is to make those family memories. While I am there to guide you and plan all with the thought around food allergies - yours specifically!


Ready to Start your Food Allergy Travel planning?


Consultation Call - 1 hour

1:1 Call to talk with Lauren regarding traveling with food allergies and go over any questions you have. This is a good option if you are just starting to think about a trip with food allergies, planning the trip yourself, or already have your trip planned.

  • What This Call Entails:

  • One-on-One hour-long call with Lauren Scheffer

  • PDF with tips regarding food allergy travel post-call.

  • This Call is Great for Travelers who:

  • Are still deciding where to go with your food allergies in mind.

  • Have an idea of where you want to go but want to discuss food allergies extensively in that destination before moving forward

  • Want to discuss tips and tricks around traveling with food allergies, including but not limited to: destinations, airlines, allergy cards, travel insurance, etc. 

  • Planning your trip on your own or already have it planned and have questions before you travel. 

  • Looking for help with only restaurant research, you will need to add on consulting so I can go over your itinerary with you and learn what you are looking for restaurant-wise.

  • What is Excluded:

  • I cannot advise on particular food brands in the country at the grocery store for your specific food allergies; I can only give information about grocery store chains to look for.

  • This call does not come with getting a list of restaurants. Restaurant research takes 60-90 days and has it's own separate fees as it is custom to your allergies and preferences.

  • This is not medical advice.

  • *The consultation fee will be applied towards your full-service travel planning fee if you sign up with Lauren within 30 days of your call. This is subject to Lauren's availability for your trip dates, as that can change post your call. Restaurant Research still requires 60-90 days prior to your trip to be completed but does depend on your destination and allergies.

Full-Service Travel Planning Call

30-minute call for those looking to work with a travel agent on their vacation. We’ll go over your food allergies, dates, trip idea, and past travel, as well as how I work and my services. 

  • What This Call Entails:

  • 30-minute Call with Lauren about planning your trip

  • Going over your food allergies, dates, and trip.

  • This Call is Great for Travelers Who:

  • Are looking to work with a travel agent specialized in food allergies.

  • Want to go over the services I offer and what the process is like to work together.

  • Know where they want to go.

  • What is Excluded:

  • If you have questions about food allergy travel and destinations before moving forward, this is not a consultation. You’ll want to schedule a Consultation call above to go over questions or concerns you may have when picking a destination or traveling with food allergies.  

Food Allergy Getaways Agency, Lauren Scheffer agent, and website are not providing health or medical advice.

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