Teppan Edo with Food Allergies at Epcot

Eating at Teppan Edo with food allergies can be a simple thanks to Disney’s food allergy menus across property.

Just like anyone else I love a good hibachi meal and the show is just an added element. However, when you have food allergies those experiences are quite few. But like all things that Disney does, it makes “Dreams Come True!” especially for those of us with food allergies.

Making the Reservation

When I made our reservation on My Disney Experience App, I made sure to notate all my food allergies. However, even if you forget Disney can still work to meet your needs just let them know when you arrive.


Upon arrival they commented on my notated allergies and the head chef was brought out. He let me know that while everyone else’s food would be prepared in front of us, mine would be prepared safely in the back.

During the Meal

Doing this gave me reassurance that while I was getting the show aspect I did not have to worry about cross contamination with the other meals on the grill.

My food was brought out promptly and along side everyone else’s. It was hot and best of all they had gluten free soy sauce!

Teppan Edo with food allergies is a wonderful experience and definitely one I recommend. Especially if you are celebrating a milestone on your trip!

Post Meal

Post meal I had no reaction to any of my allergies and was able to have a wonderful time at Epcot with a full stomach!

Please note this is my experience with my food allergies of gluten, hazelnut, and intolerances of mushroom and milk. Depending on your food allergies this may not be the best option. However, the best part about Disney is they have so many options you can find something to fit your food allergies.


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